DIY Automatic Hair Braiding Kit
DIY Automatic Hair Braiding Kit
DIY Automatic Hair Braiding Kit
DIY Automatic Hair Braiding Kit
DIY Automatic Hair Braiding Kit
DIY Automatic Hair Braiding Kit
DIY Automatic Hair Braiding Kit

DIY Automated Beard Braiding Kit

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Creates fun, arced braids in seconds!!

Quick, fun styles in 3 accessible steps, Anyone can do it!

DIY Automated Beard Braider lets you actualize beautiful hairstyles with the columnist of a button!

  •  Designed for girls to actualize their own beard style.
  •  Simple operation and quick knitting. It's the best allowance for kids
  •  It is fabricated of environment-friendly materials with aerial quality.
  •  The amalgamation is admirable and will not be damaged during transportation.
  •  Product function: automated knitting; Applicative age: 3 years old

    With this automated beard complect tool, alone 6 simple steps:

    1. Evenly abstracted with accessories, three strands of hair;
    2. Fix three according hairs on the three hooks in advanced of the braid;
    3. Pull the angle into the continued tube from below;
    4. The angle beard angle into  the braid;
    5. Starts the switch, alpha Braid;
    6. Grab the braided whip and tie the elastic bandage to the appendage aloof fine.


    🎀 Elctric Beard Arranger:


    This ELCTRIC BEARD ARRANGER has two specifications, The simple archetypal and The comfortable model. Amuse see the artefact options to purchase.

    The Simple Model:

    The comfortable model

      Please note: The artefact requires two AA batteries, which are not provided in the artefact packaging, amuse adapt your own !


      Scope of application.
      l Ceramics tableware: microwave/oven/dishwasher/low temperature resistant
      l Glassware (cups/bowls/plates): dishwasher safe
      l Metal cutlery (knives/forks/spoons): dishwasher safe

      l Glassware: all hand-blown, bubbles, streamers and added hand-made traces are inevitable, alike non-defective models, but additionally not perfect! This is additionally the capital aberration with the apparatus of glass.
      Maintenance advice.
      1, domiciliary dishes can be rinsed off with baptize afterwards charwoman with a antibacterial detergent.
      2、For continued appellation use, amuse use a bendable bolt for cleaning, not metal brushes or added cleaning.
      3、If there are slight scratches in use, you can use toothpaste to acclaim brightness and adjustment them.
      1, handmade products, there may be baby bounded biconcave holes, bubbles or baby atramentous spots, etc., for the accustomed action phenomenon, does not affect the use.
      2、The colour of the artefact may alter according to the assembly batch.
      3, articles are photographed in kind, due to ablaze bend and added cold factors acquired by a assertive amount of colour difference, amuse understand.


      1、Glass: safe, lead-free and cadmium-free raw abstracts are accursed in high-temperature furnaces for assurance and health.

      2、Ceramic: aesthetic adobe is aboriginal apparent accursed at 800℃ and again anesthetized at a aerial temperature alignment from 1300 to 1400℃ afterwards painting. It is a high-temperature accessory battlefront of advantageous ceramics, and has been activated in assorted balloon firings, with no apparent adverse substances such as advance and cadmium, authoritative it safer to appear into acquaintance with food.

      3、Five affection checks: Anniversary of our articles undergoes bristles austere affection ascendancy procedures afore abrogation the factory, namely raw actual affection control, action affection control, accomplished artefact affection control, accumulator affection ascendancy and branch affection control, to ensure that the affection of the articles you accept meets our standards.