500W Portable Electric Space Heater
500W Portable Electric Space Heater
500W Portable Electric Space Heater
500W Portable Electric Space Heater
500W Portable Electric Space Heater
500W Portable Electric Space Heater

500W Carriageable Electric Amplitude Heater

Approved price $99.99 Sale price $48.99

✔️ 12 Hours Programmable Timer

✔️   Temperature (15~32°)

✔️   Powered By US Bank Socket

✔️   Low Ability Usage

✔️   Operate Silently

✔️   Energy Saving

✔️   Portable & Bunched Size 

✔️   User-Friendly


7 Artefact Appearance of 500W Mini Carriageable Electric Heater:

(Keep Yourself Balmy & Toasty)


✔️ 12 Hours Programmable Timer

This amplitude boiler is advised with a timer affection that ranges from 1 to 12 hours, acceptance you to calmly set your timeframe to anticipate overheating the area.


✔️ Temperature (15~32°) 

By blame the "Temp /-" buttons, you may acclimatize the temperature to your preference.


✔️ Powered By US Bank Socket

The 500W Mini Carriageable Electric Boiler can be acquainted into any accepted electrical atrium after demography up any added space.

✔️ Low Ability Usage

Using beneath electricity agency extenuative money and energy while additionally preventing the ambit breaker from tripping.


✔️ Carriageable & Bunched Size

Small in size, low in weight, and accessible to use. Clashing added heaters that charge diffuse accession instructions.


✔️ User-Friendly

Using the alien control, you may accomplish it bound and conveniently.


✔️ Accomplish Silently

In adjustment to agreement that you accept a acceptable night's sleep, it works as agilely as possible.



Please acquiesce 1-3mm differences due to chiral measurement.

Due to the aberration amid altered monitors, amuse accept that the account may not reflect the absolute blush of the item.


What's In The Box?

1* 500W Mini Carriageable Electric Heater

1* User Manual
1* Alien Control


Frequently Asked Question


1: How Safe is the 500W Mini Carriageable Electric Heater? 

When the centralized accessory temperature exceeds 122F, the apparatus anon cools to 104F. 500W Mini Carriageable Electric Heater will automatically about-face off if the temperature exceeds 122F three times in a row.


2: What if the Boiler Avalanche Over?


If the apparatus is agape over, it will anon cease heating, draft out allowance temperature air for 30 abnormal to air-conditioned the unit, and about-face off the power.


3: How Do I Displace My Boiler If It Tips Over or Overheats? 

Step 1: Abolish any obstructions or situations that may accept contributed to the accessory angled over or overheating. Footfall 2: Conciliate the boiler by switching it to the OFF position. Footfall 3: Unplug the boiler from the bank aperture and acquiesce it to air-conditioned for 5-10 minutes. Footfall 4: Reconnect the boiler and re-start it. If the boiler continues to fail, you may accept a adulterated unit; do not accomplish it further; acquaintance chump abutment to align for an emergency replacement. 


4: How Abounding Amps and Watts Does This Boiler Use?

500W Only


5: How Ample of an Breadth Does This Boiler Cover?  
500W Mini Carriageable Electric Heater can calefaction apartment to 350 aboveboard feet.


6: Will This Boiler Accession My Account Bill? 

No, this assemblage is accounted to be able in agreement of activity use. The clip at which your utilities access is abased on how frequently you use this heater. On its best ambience of 500W, the boiler consumes a lesser amount of electricity than a archetypal beard draft dryer. If your electricity aggregation accuse an boilerplate of ten cents per kilowatt-hour, again anniversary hour the assemblage is activity will amount about twelve cents. Amuse acquaintance your bounded account aggregation for added information.


7: Is This Boiler Safe About Accouchement and Pets?

Yes, as continued as the appropriate akin of attention and affliction is acclimatized back operating this heater, it is absolutely safe. This includes appliance added affliction while application a boiler about accouchement or pets. As a accepted rule, never leave an abandoned boiler on. Heaters are acclimated to accomplish heat, and their surfaces may be absolutely hot to the touch.



8: Is it Adapted to Affix The Boiler to a Timer Or a Ability Strip?

We do not apostle application annihilation added than a bank aperture to ability your heaters. This is because the abundance of electricity captivated by heaters may beat the accommodation of the timer or ability strip.


9: Is an Addendum Bond Accordant With This Heater?

Never use an addendum cable or a relocatable ability tap (outlet/power strip) with this product. Ensure that heaters are acquainted anon into a ability outlet/receptacle. Added electrical accessories should not be acquainted into the aforementioned outlet/receptacle as your heater.


10: Can I Use An Adapter If I Do Not Accept Polarized Plugs?

We do not admonish active heaters into adapters. On actual electrical usage, a specialist should be contacted.