Privacy Policy

Better Joice™ is adjustable with The Accepted Abstracts Aegis Regulation  2016/679.

It agency that we are accessible about our methods of tracking and use of the visitors’ claimed data, and you can advisedly analysis what absolutely we’re accomplishing to it.

At Better Joice™ we collect:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your email address
  • Your concrete address
  • Your buzz number
  • The abstracts about the browser and accessory you use to appearance the store
  • The way you cross the store

We accumulate your acquaintance capacity because they are all-important to acquire and action your orders, and to accomplish abiding you’ve got your packages.

We accumulate the capacity of your abstruse accessories and on-site behavior in adjustment to accomplish our abundance added user-friendly, and to personalize our abundance casework for you (for example, to automatically about-face the abundance to the adaptable version.)

Our abundance works with alien companies that advice us accommodate the best account for you, and these third parties additionally use some of the claimed capacity you’re leaving. We absolute the abstracts they can admission to alone what is all-important for them to accomplish their obligations.

  • Payment casework use your acclaim agenda number, your name and surname to verify and action your payments for our products
  • Our manufacturers and banal keepers use the abstracts of your adjustment capacity to accumulate the all-important amalgamation for you
  • Postal casework use your aboriginal name, aftermost name, and concrete abode to align the artefact commitment for you
  • Mass commitment casework use your email abode to accelerate you emails (if you accept subscribed for them)

If you accumulate browsing our webstore afterwards account this Aloofness Policy, you accord us the accord to use your claimed capacity for the purposes explained above.

If you don’t accede to these terms, amuse leave the website.

You can email us at [email protected] and ask:

  • To accept the archetype of your claimed capacity we accept collected
  • To annul your claimed capacity from our system
  • To abjure your accord (if you ahead agreed to accommodate us with the data, but again afflicted your mind)

We are accomplishing our best to agreement the aegis of your claimed capacity while befitting and application them.

Thank you for your cooperation!